Monte Campanador is a large holiday development in Portugal’s beautiful Southern Alentejo region.
It covers over five hundred acres of privately-owned land
graced by beautiful rolling hills, rich natural beauty and thriving wildlife.

An additional 350 acres are leased and will be part of the development for at least the coming ninety years, allowing the construction of a large man-made lake, plus an outstanding championship golf course. Masterplan has been approved and building can start in 2017 on a new resort in the gorgeous Southern Alentejo region of Portugal. The development, spread over 860 acres, will offer visitors and second-home owners total peace and tranquillity. Extensive green zones, into which the golf course will be incorporated, will be a dominant feature, according to the wishes of short and long-stay visitors. All in all, the entire concept is unique in Europe.


The luxury resort, covering 860 acres of rolling hills, harbours nearly five thousand stone oaktrees in addition to other beautiful vegetation and wildlife; a large number of stork families returns here to breed every year. Water is available: the Sado River branches off here before flowing to the Atlantic coast and the city of Setubal. A man-made lake with a surface area of nearly ninety acres will be created to provide an opportunity for nautical sports.

In short, the beauty and tranquillity of the spot is unique in Europe and will undeniably attract visitors seeking respite from everyday cares. Relaxation, sports, the superb local Alentejo wine and quiet time with friends and family: all can be found at Monte Campanador.


Where time passes away very slowly